Packaging and transport of flat glass, all wrapped into one

Glass-wrap combines packaging and logistics for
safer, simpler and cheaper transport
and handling of your flat glass.

Why should I use Glass-wrap?

Protecting flat glass, buildings and operatives from fabrication to installation.

Whether glass producer or processor, with Glass-wrap the job becomes simpler, easier and safer whilst driving down delivery costs and saving the environment. Further advantages are:



In the warehouse, during transport or at the construction site, our patented packaging solution and accessories make handling and fitting of flat glass easier, simpler, more economic and safer than ever.


No specially fitted trucks or vans

When packaged with Glass-wrap your glass can now be transported as general cargo using a truck, van or even a pickup.

Sicherheit durch

Safety by design

Glass-wrap fully protects all corners and edges. Risk of breakage and damages is all but eliminated, as is the risk of injury for your personnel.

der grüne Weg

The green way

Lighter, more compact packaged glass, transported as general cargo, means more load and less fuel per mile, substantially reducing CO2 emissions. And, Glass-wrap packaging components are reused multiple times.

Use Glass-wrap to:


Verpackung zu reduzieren und Lagerraum einzusparen

Reduce packaging and warehouse space


Glasbruch zu reduzieren und das Verletzungsrisiko zu minimieren

Minimize breakage and risk of injury


Transportkosten und Vorlaufzeiten zu verringern

Reduce transport cost and (lead) times


Müll und CO2 Emissionen zu reduzieren

Reduce waste and CO2 emission

Glass-wrap Service

Glass-wrap is an end-to-end service.  

While optimizing packaging material use and recyclabilty, Glass-wrap also gives maximum convenience to glass companies through on demand transport and logistics.

Glass-Wrap life cycle largeGlass-Wrap life cycle small

Award winning design

Pack the Future award
Pack the Future award
Sauerland Initiativ award
Sauerland Initiativ award


I have been in the glazing industry for the last 20 years. Glass-wrap is new for us and an innovation for the glazing industry. I have never used something so easy and user Friendly.

Construction worker, Cornelius UK Ltd.

Glass-wrap really impressed me! It is not only a remarkable innovation, but a truely functional product for which all peripheral requirements have been thought of as well.

Glaswelt Magazine

Die Geschichte

Glass-wrap is a packaging and logistic system designed in Germany by Thomas Giller.

‘My company uses flat glass in high-end products and up to 25% of potential customer orders cannot be serviced due to excessive transport cost. In some cases transport cost even exceeded the value of the actual product itself’, says Giller.

Thomas Giller took up the challenge of solving this problem and developed a packaging and logistic solution for flat glass that allows it to be transported as general cargo by any transport company, simple, efficient and without damages.

Thomas Giller


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